Uptime: Your Time Matters

May 11, 2020

Let’s cut to the chase.  When it comes to uptime, we know our customers have one main concern: time is money.  There is no denying that unplanned downtime can have major consequences on truck drivers and the revenue that they bring in with each carefully planned trajectory.  That is why, at Penn Power Group, we […]

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Your Safety is Our Priority – COVID19 Facility Sanitation

May 1, 2020

All of our locations are taking necessary steps to ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees. In light of COVID19 we have began sanitizing our facilities daily, providing employees and customers with masks and taking everyone’s temperature who enters any of our locations. We want everyone who comes to Penn Power Group […]

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Recruiting: A Well-Oiled Machine

July 17, 2019

By Rusty Stetzel, Rochester Service Center Manager Say the word “technician” and immediately some people conjure up an unfavorable image of someone with a dirty uniform working in a decrepit building with junk cars and rusted parts everywhere. The stereotype is strong, and the industry is aware. While we know it’s not reality, the image […]

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The Brain Surgeons of Service

January 10, 2019

In mid-November 2018, 45 students from Alfred State College of Technology visited our Rochester location to get a hands-on look at what it is like to work as a full-time diesel technician.   Broken up into 3 separate groups, the students were able to rotate around to different parts of the shop and see what a […]

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Come Celebrate With Us!

September 5, 2018

Working as a truck driver is one of America’s most demanding, difficult, and important jobs. Without the 3.5 million men and woman that dedicate their lives to moving goods across the country, our businesses and economy would not be able to function successfully. That is why it is so important to take the time to […]

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Driver Appreciation Week at PENN – 52 Weeks a Year!

January 30, 2018

Although the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is held annually in September, PENN makes every effort to recognize the 3.5 million men and women that safely deliver goods on time. In 2017, PENN’s branches focused efforts on ‘taking care of the driver’. Matt Roy, Rochester’s Service Advisor states, “we make sure drivers are informed and […]

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We Really Do Fix ALL Makes and ALL Models!

January 29, 2018

Recently, our team in Cranberry Township, PA extended the life of our customer’s 1957 GM Bus. The former San Diego City Transit Bus turned coach for hire (see www.antiquecoachexcursions.com) reached out to the engine experts at PENN Power Group when it came time to replace the cylinders on the Detroit Diesel 6-71 engine. The expert […]

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