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The Brain Surgeons of Service

1/10/2019 by PENN Power Group

In mid-November 2018, 45 students from Alfred State College of Technology visited our Rochester location to get a hands-on look at what it is like to work as a full-time diesel technician.   Broken up into 3 separate groups, the students were able to rotate around to different parts of the shop and see what a potential future with Penn Power Group would look like.

When asked what peaked their initial interest in the diesel technician field, many students expressed that being a diesel tech seemed the most intriguing, challenging, and gave the most opportunity for growth within the position.  

As baby boomers retire and openings for diesel technicians increase, it is important that students recognize the significance of a diesel tech job.  These employees are no longer just mechanics – they are a technology focused, forward thinking group that solve problems every single day.  Some have even called these techs the “brain surgeons of service.”  

At Penn Power Group, we recognize the incredible work that our technicians are doing, and we offer ample opportunity for growth within the position.  Because we want our techs to have the best education at their fingertips, we encourage them to take all eight ASE certification (T1 through T8) tests.  Each certification qualifies our techs for an increase in compensation, and all study materials (including the exams themselves) are paid for in full.  

Furthermore, if any of our techs are looking to further their education past the diesel mechanic field, Penn can cover tuition reimbursements.  We encourage our employees to take advantage of all opportunities presented to them, as we want more than anything to see them soar and succeed.  

Fast forward a month from when the Alfred students visited, and another group of students from Genesee County BOCES visited our Buffalo branch to gain a similar experience.  They were equally as enthusiastic and ready to take on the day by storm.  These are students who have worked tirelessly to master a skill that is not given enough credit in modern day society.  To see their passion first hand was truly an honor. 

Knowing that there are many more students out there like those at Alfred and Genesee County BOCES makes us proud to be in an industry that recognizes their hard work and dedication.  After all, our nation is dependent upon the trans-national exchange of goods, and none of that would be possible without these incredible diesel technicians.  

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