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Uptime: Your Time Matters


Let’s cut to the chase.  When it comes to uptime, we know our customers have one main concern: time is money.  There is no denying that unplanned downtime can have major consequences on truck drivers and the revenue that they bring in with each carefully planned trajectory. 

That is why, at Penn Power Group, we promise to uphold one simple, but crucial value: Your Time Matters. 

This does not mean we are going to carelessly rush through your maintenance process.  It means we are committed to doing it right the first time.

 “…We use the latest in diagnostic technology to speed your repair along with honest downtime estimates, and not ‘feel-good’ guesses,” says our Regional VP of Operations, Don Gatens.  “Our trusted technicians understand that your equipment doesn’t need to be simply fixed fast, but fixed correctly and thoroughly, so your driver can make it to his destination and home to his family.”

We are able to stick to this promise by having a prominent Preventative Maintenance program, designed for every make, model, engine, type of haul, and more.  You name it – we are prepared for it.  We know trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand with honesty and great customer service.  We pride ourselves on the personal relationships that we have created with each of our customers.  We even have a few employees who used to work for major fleets, and have since brought their knowledge and experiences to Penn Power Group to help better our process.

“When I worked for a fleet,” recalls Charles Murphy, our Service Center Manager in Cranberry, PA, “…vendors that provided great customer service, and were able to look at our unit, diagnose it, provide an estimate quickly, and have quality service…were the vendors we would keep coming back to.”

When asked about his experience at Penn Power Group in relation to uptime, Murphy went on to say, “We have great front counter folks to politely greet and intake any customer’s equipment, and wonderful ASE certified technicians to quickly diagnose their equipment and provide estimated times of completion…  Penn Power [Group] understands how important uptime is to you and will help in any way possible…”

Though the promise for quick uptime isn’t something unique to Penn Power Group, the way we define uptime and the specific commitments we make are what set us apart.  Perhaps our VP of On Highway sales, Joe Paliotta III, said it best:

“In my experience, when you view your customers as partners, hear and understand their needs, and focus your business practices around supporting them, it works well.”

And that is what we mean when we say Your Time Matters.

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