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What Types of Gliders Does PENN Offer?

A Glider Kit is an option to repair wrecked vehicles or vehicles that are worn but can benefit from service life extension. The kit consists of a new cab and chassis:

Rolling Glider Kits

Special ordered from the factory without engine or transmission. This enables the customer to select a specified powertrain (some restrictions apply), including the ability to utilize pre-emission engines which may result in better fuel economy and lower maintenance costs.

Power Glider Kits

Glider with an engine already installed; requires drive axles and/or transmission.

Dual Fuel Glider Kits

Addition of an American Power Group Dual Fuel Conversion to either a Rolling or Power Glider

What are the Benefits of a Glider?

  • Lower up-front cost
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Higher residual value

Why Choose PENN?

  • Factory certified and experienced powertrain technicians perform ALL Glider work
  • OE parts to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Recognized powertrain expert in New York and Pennsylvania
    • We’ve built 100+ Freightliner Gliders!
    • Experienced assembler of CAT and Western Star Glider Kits
  • EPA approved to build kits of any approved emission level

PENN Warranty on Gliders:

  • PENN supplied engine 2yr / 200,000-mile warranty
  • PENN supplied reman transmission 18-month warranty

Talk to a Glider Expert Today!

Contact us or stop in to your area PENN location to speak with one of our glider experts about adding an APU or Webasto Climate Solution to your finished product today.

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