What Types of Gliders Does PENN Offer?

A Glider Kit is an option to repair wrecked vehicles or vehicles that are worn but can benefit from service life extension. The kit consists of a new cab and chassis:

Rolling Glider Kits

Special ordered from the factory without engine or transmission. This enables the customer to select a specified powertrain (some restrictions apply), including the ability to utilize pre-emission engines which may result in better fuel economy and lower maintenance costs.

Power Glider Kits

Glider with an engine already installed; requires drive axles and/or transmission.

Dual Fuel Glider Kits

Addition of an American Power Group Dual Fuel Conversion to either a Rolling or Power Glider

What are the Benefits of a Glider?

  • Lower up-front cost
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Higher residual value

Why Choose PENN?

  • Factory certified and experienced powertrain technicians perform ALL Glider work
  • OE parts to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Recognized powertrain expert in New York and Pennsylvania
    • We’ve built 100+ Freightliner Gliders!
    • Experienced assembler of CAT and Western Star Glider Kits
  • EPA approved to build kits of any approved emission level

PENN Warranty on Gliders:

  • PENN supplied engine 2yr / 200,000-mile warranty
  • PENN supplied reman transmission 18-month warranty

Talk to a Glider Expert Today!

Please ask about adding an APU or Webasto Climate Solution to your finished product.

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