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Our 2014 Freightliner Coronado daycab demo unit is equipped with an American Power Group Natural Gas system!

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The Science of Combustion

Our system delivers a blend of gas and diesel fuels to conventional diesel engines used to power primary electric gensets, backup power systems or commercial vehicles. The dual fuel conversion system has proven its reliability with hundreds of customers from across the United States, as well as around the globe.

Where Reliability Meets Efficiency

The unique American Power Group dual fuel solution is a retrofit technology that works with conventional diesel engines. Simply put, dual fuel technology gives users the power of choice – on-site generators or vehicles can operate on a combination of diesel and natural gas or, when desired, 100% diesel fuel. Seamless switching between fuel sources is conductive to continuous performance, without even a stutter. This unique technology requires no engine modifications, unlike the high-pressure systems provided by other suppliers. Diesel engines continue to operate as reliably and durably as ever, but with the added flexibility of a dual source fuel supply.

Dual fuel fed engines operate at their normal temperature and at full horsepower.

Original manufacturers’ warranties can remain in effect.

Typical Dual Fuel Conversion Applications

  • Small Fleet Owners
  • Large Fleets
  • Delivery Trucks
  • Government Vehicles
  • Refuse/Concrete Trucks
  • Owner Operators
  • Off-Road Vehicles

The APG V5000 Dual Fuel Difference

The APG dual fuel system provides a wide range of appealing benefits such as:

  • Reduced Emissions – significantly decrease nitrogen oxide and fine particulate emissions.
  • Improved Economics – cut operating costs by using natural gas to supplement diesel.
  • Enhanced Engine Operating Life – clean-running dual fuel reduces diesel engine operating costs and components last longer, minimizing service and spare part requirements.

Investment Comparison

  • $150k-$180k:

    One Typical Brand New OEM 100% Equipped NG Truck Costs

  • $150k-$180K:

    Typical APG Upgrades For 5 Trucks Total Cost

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