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Since 1938, Detroit has had a rich history of producing diesel engines that are proven performers. Today, Detroit is a subsidiary of Daimler — designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing a complete line of medium and heavy-duty diesel and alternative fuel engines for the transportation industry including development of hybrid engine technology. With more than 800 authorized service outlets worldwide, Detroit is a global leader in the heavy duty diesel engine industry.

In 1987 Detroit pioneered the world’s first fully electronic diesel engine. The Series 60 engine family not only produced and exceeded customer power and torque requirements but it rewrote the industry standard on reliability and superior fuel economy. Over 1,000,000 Series 60 engines have been produced and can be found in literally any heavy duty chassis including over the road coach, construction and industrial equipment and custom fire apparatus. Today, the Detroit legacy of quality products continues.

In 2007, Detroit launched a new family of advanced engines utilizing BlueTec SCR technology. The result of over a billion dollars in research and development and logging millions of test miles, the Detroit DD16, DD15 and DD13 engines are once again rewriting the industry standard. The Detroit BlueTec 1-Box technology is proving to be an industry leader in reducing engine emissions without sacrificing fuel efficiency and power. The BlueTec SCR technology includes combining the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and SCR catalyst into one simple and proven component. This allows for fuel economy improvement by lowering engine back pressure. To learn more about our engine products and emission technology simply click on the links below.

Detroit, the industry leader in heavy duty diesel engines has once again rewritten the standards which allows you to demand it all. For more information, please visit the Detroit web site.

Detroit Engine Products

Engine Family Horsepower Rating Torque Rating Specifications
DD16 475 to 600 Horsepower 1750 – 2050 LBFT Click Here
DD15 455 to 560 Horsepower 1550 – 1850 LBFT Click Here
DD13 350 to 450 Horsepower 1350 – 1650 LBFT Click Here
DD8 260 to 350 Horsepower 660 – 1050 LBFT Click Here
DD5 210 to 350 Horsepower 575 – 660 LBFT Click Here
Legacy Engines 195 to 515 Horsepower 520 – 1650 LBFT Click Here

Detroit engine products
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