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It’s a Calling” – Jack McGlynn’s 50th Work Anniversary


On November 10th, 2022, Penn Power Group, an industry leading fleet and power generation company, celebrated the 50th year work anniversary of long time employee and journeyman technician, Jack McGlynn. 

The celebration, held at the headquarter location in Philadelphia, PA, brought together the entire PENN power family to celebrate a significant achievement in Jack’s personal and professional career.

Special appearances by Justin Jacobi, Chairman of the Board, Penn Power Group – Fleet Services and Penn Power Systems CEO, Harry S. Schlereth, CFO, Phil Field, and other executive leadership joined to celebrate.

“It is unusual nowadays in this workforce to see an employee remain with one company for 50 years,” said Schlereth. “It is truly a momentous accomplishment, and one that the entire PENN team is extremely grateful for, we’re very thankful you’ve remained with us for all of these years and ongoing.”

Jack McGlynn started with Penn Power Group, in 1972 at just 18 years old; when Penn was “Engines Incorporated” and gas was only $0.36 a gallon. The best way to describe Jack’s career as a technician – a true natural. His current manager Matt Mulholland joked with the team about how “Jack can outwork some of the youngest techs,” and all jokes aside, his talent and work speak for themselves. It’s safe to say that Jack and the Penn team go way back.

In Jack’s own words, “at 18 years old there wasn’t too much on my mind and being with a company for 50 years wasn’t even a thought. But when you love what you do, it doesn’t really feel like work.”

From the entire Penn Team, thank you for your continued loyalty and dedication to Penn. We look forward to your future accomplishments, achievements and are proud to employee and invest in our people! 

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